Be it for a glance, willingness or feeling, we are extremely delighted to see you at American Pizzaz. Well, to drop-in here, on our domain, you should definitely be a food connoisseur like us. We would like to celebrate this occasion by sharing few of our insights which would help you to understand our inner instinct that lead to the creation of American Pizzaz.

Like you and me, everyone out there, always have an inclination to tickle the taste buds with rare and uncommon appetizers out of regular. We always love to taste, to experience, to experiment new recipes. Driven by this thought and our passion for food, American Pizzaz was established to serve American Flavours with a touch of Indian essence. Great food, best service, pleasant ambience and value for money are those principles which we strongly believe and rely on.

For the first time in the world, from variety of Pizzas, American Pizzaz serves whole lot of food, all under one-roof. The Menu is well thought and elaborate, catering to all age groups of the family.

Very unique and delightful to savour, the signature taste of American Pizzaz stems-out of our own Marinade formula. Developed with the years of practice to suit people of all walks of life, this Marinade is the key ingredient of American Pizzaz's kitchen. The signature flavour and the menu is standardised across every outlet in India.

The American Pizzaz's success story is the evidence of brilliance that the brand is renowned for. The reputation of distinctiveness and need in the market had ignited the spark of franchisee very soon. Within just 6 months from opening of its 1st store, the brand had launched its first franchisee store and the journey continued leaving no stone unturned. Today, the group has 80+ outlets (NYPFC, AFC and American Pizzaz together;) spread across length and breadth of India making it, one amongst the fastest growing food-chains in the country.

This wouldn't have been the reality without the trust, satisfaction of customers and our persistent commitment towards the business mantra...

Simply delicious..! Eat the way you want.!!! - Which defines what American Pizzaz is all about.

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